Sydney 2

So Sydney has got a little more interesting on the sub front. Maybe it is one of those places where once you get started things improve. The city is stunning with lots of very tall skyscrapers and hidden bars. Also there’s a great choice of foods.

So a 22 year old popped up in Grindr and started to say how much he needed to suck on a cock. At first I thought I wouldn’t mind a suck&go so I went along with his plan. As we chatted though he began to show more submissive signs so I pushed him a bit and soon had a more kinky session planned.

He said he wanted to shower before sex which I said was fine. As he was showering I asked if he had ever been pissed on and he replied he hadn’t. He then said the idea interested him. I guess everyone is a little bit kinky!

The boi arrived, stripped down and headed to the shower. Once kneeling I stood over him, flopped my cock out, spat and started to piss. The strongly coloured yellow liquid hit him on his black hair and started to run down his body. He had said he didn’t want to open his mouth so I drenched his head and down his back. Once I had finished I gave a shake and told him to clean himself up.

When he came back out I gave him a slap as he hadn’t put his socks back on. He put them on and I gave him another slap. He needed to learn this wasn’t a normal session. His ignored cock began to harden and I knew the fag was going to serve me well. He groaned as I ran my hands over his Australian body and inspected him. First contact with a new Master is always important.

Holding him by the neck I spat in his face and used his tongue to lick up as much as he could. He squirmed as I began to tug on his nipples. Pushing him to his knees I put my foot on the bed and ordered my Nike kissed. The boi didn’t need telling twice and soon I had some clean Nikes and socks. I liked the way he kept looking up to ensure his Man was enjoying the servitude.

Pulling off my shorts and pants I began to bounce my hardon on his face. The boi clearly loved it and tried to catch it in his gob. Once he caught it I allowed him some time with his new toy.

At one point I held his head by his hair and gave him I good face fucking. Then I pushed him down on my shaft. The first deep-throat  didn’t last long so after he had recovered I gave him another try and he began to improve. Soon he has keeping my cock in him for a good length of time. It was fun to watch him come up and gasp for air.

Pushing him to my feet I relaxed, closed my eyes and felt his tongue explore my toes and sole. This felt good after a day walking around the city.

“Sir, can I eat your cum please?”

Letting the boi move up my body I allowed him to get back on my cock. I told him he could have my cum if he sucked it out of me. As he started his role his hand came up and he started to wank me. I knocked his hand away and told him mouth only. The sub began to work hard and was sliding quickly up and down my shaft. I love the feel of a good blow job and looking down at a fag sucking away; accepting its place in my world and needing my seed in it. Desperate to please me.

In no time I was spunking down his throat. The release felt amazing and the boi swallowed it down like a good cumdump.

This post doesn’t just have a 2 because it is my second Sydney post. With that sub done another one started to talk to me on Grindr. This one had a strange limit though.

Best advice is not to do the Sydney Eye Tower but the O Bar. For a similar price you can get cocktails and gently spin around with better views.

So the next sub sent some very sexy body photos and was 24. He wouldn’t send a face but was obsessed with my feet. So I gave him some time to tempt me. He said he would come to my hotel at 11pm and if I didn’t like the look of of he would leave.

In order to get the lift to work you need a room car so when the sub arrived he waited in reception and I went down to see if he was useable. The doors opened and only one man came in; he was very usable indeed.

We chatted to the room but once my door closes I push him against the wall and put him in his place. The boi seems embarrassed and ashamed. He says: “Can you turn the lights down?”

I make him say it again but this time he addresses me correctly as Sir. With some lights off I push him down to my Nikes and he starts to lick them. He keeps looking up at me with his sexy brown eyes and then looking down. I decide to insult him more as the limit he has set is very annoying.

“That’s it you little cunt. Clean my Nikes. If you work colleagues could see you now they would laugh their head off at you.”

As I speak I see him moving his arse. His cock is full of blood and he clearly gets off on the verbal abuse. I pull off the Nike and hold the opening to his face. He happily pushes his face in and inhales my scent.

As I’m on holiday I have no equipment with me; I’m missing my collar. I leave the boi sniffing, walk to my trousers and remove the black belt. I loop the belt around his neck and the belt then trails down his back. The boi looks better in socks and collar. I use the leash to move the boi to my smelly back socks.

Once he has my scent I kick off my other Nike and pull off my shorts. Grabbing the collar I pull him to my underpants and rub his face in them. He moves to one side and rubs himself where cotton and skin meets. This boi really loves my scent.

Unfortunately there is something he doesn’t love and although I will respect his limits its driving me crazy. He has said that he will not suck my cock. With his face so close to my hardon I just want to get into his warm, wet mouth and fuck his face. I cannot though.

I pull his face back and give him a slap for frustrating me. Holding his head further back I spit into his open mouth. I launched into a verbal bashing and then pull my underwear off. My hardon falls out but he gives it no attention. Grabbing it I slap it around his face and it takes the beating like a bitch.

Pushing him on his back I step on him and kick his side. He looks at me and his cock is now full of blood. I stand over his face and slowly lower myself until I’m sat in his face. Rubbing my sweaty, hairy hole on him; marking him with my musky arse smell. Soon his tongue is out and licking away. I pull at his nipples and watch his body squirm. The rimming continues though and then it stops and he speaks.

“Fart on me Sir. Humiliate your fag.”

I don’t have one ready so I laugh at him and tell him he’s humiliating himself by letting me treat him so badly.

As I rub my hole in his face and give verbal I’m wanking away. I’m getting close to cumming. I move backwards so my cock is pointing at his face.

“I’m going to spunk in your face you little slut.”

The boi makes no effort to move away. As I wank I cock-slap him too and rub my cock on him so at least he smells of it.

Soon white strings of cum are shooting across his face. Pooling in his eye socket and flowing down his chin. It good to see the little slut covered in my seed.

Sydney is definitely improving on the sub front. Whose next?

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