Christmas Jumper Sucks

Christmas Jumper Cracker

So it is that time of year again. The time to cram in some Christmas reference somehow. Last year I had Christmas Socks and this year I’ve managed to get a jumper!

It’s a busy time of the year for people but I still have time to open Grindr and check out my neighbours. This afternoon I noticed the cute Italian from the next street was online. Previously he had come over in white socks, got collared and then had some abuse. He’s the sort of lad who looks like an angel but is a dirty bitch. I remember covering him in spit last time and fucking him senseless.

He said he was up for another meet but each time I’d messaged him he was always busy. I didn’t say Hello but soon the famous Grindr message noise sounded and it was the boi. He was in a hurry but had time for a Suck&Go. I said I could fit him in and he replied he was en route.

London has been unseasonably warm yet he arrives in a large winter coat. Once in the hallway he unzips and reveals a red jumper. The jumper has a snowman on with a sticking out carrot, I smile to myself; even more so when I see the words HO HO HO.

“Let’s get you sucking some cock Ho.”

I drop my shorts and sit on my sofa, dressed in black socks and a red tee shirt. The boi kneels down. He wears black socks, jeans and Christmas jumper. As he moves forward I feel his woolly jumper rub against my legs and then my cock is in his warm, wet mouth.

We have met a couple of times and this lad gives great head. He is clearly happiest with a cock to suck on. He is also very good at keeping eye contact. I give him a slap to the side of the face and some verbal encouragement. I sit back and enjoy his mouth as I watch the porn on the television behind him.

His hands begin to explore under my tee shirt so I pull it off; he has a gentle touch. It surprises me when he stands up and I think we are out of time but he pulls off his trouser, pants and jumper. I enjoy the view as the black socked sub stands before me; showing off his hairy, thin body. Then he is back and his knees and servicing my cock.

Moving down my shaft the boi rubs his nose on my hairy ball sack and breaths in; enjoying my scent. Moving up he licks my stomach and then sucks on my nipples. Coming higher still we have a deep, hard kiss. I push his head back and spit in his open mouth; he swallows the treat down. All the time my hard cock rubs against his arse.

“I’m sorry Sir. I have to go. I can’t be late. I just wanted to taste you before Christmas.”

Sliding back down he goes to work on my cock. Happily sucking, licking and wanking it. Desperate for the contents of my balls.

As he is in a hurry I relax and let my cum arrive as quickly as possible. As my orgasm shakes my body he sucks up all the cum he can get into him.

I look down at his smiling cocksucking face.

“Merry Christmas boi.”

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