Black Week


I feel sorry for black subs as there are stereotypes that play against them. A little like my post on Turkish men it is assumed black lads aren’t subs. My experience shows this to be totally untrue, they love worshipping cock.

I used to fuck a 19 year old black lad. His Gran lived near me and after visiting her he would come and see me. He never wanted to kiss or get sucked, he said he had a girlfriend for that. He would strip to his socks, get collared and get on my cock. The only thing he loved more than sucking cock was getting fucked by cock. Luckily for me he was a good grandson and visited her regularly!

So this week I got a message from a 21 year old black lad asking if I’d fuck him. I said I was in the mood for a kinky session and he said he loved being used as a sub. I told him to come over.

Soon there was a message saying At Door. When I opened the door the lad was stood there with his hood up trying to look hard. Inviting him in I got him to the hallway and then pushed him against the wall. I told him he was my fag now and he was going to do as he was told. He replied with a Yes Sir. I pulled off his clothing to reveal his toned black body and black socks. I gave him a slap.

“I told you white socks.”

“Sorry Sir. I couldn’t find any.”

He got another slap and then pushed to his knees. I asked whether he was ready to accept the collar and he said he was. Once collared I pushed him to all fours and told him to kiss my Nikes, he kissed once. I held his head down and told him to worship them properly. I got the impression he wasn’t into foot worship but he had said his only limit was Bareback so he would have to deal with it.

Dragging him to his feet via the collar and order him open his mouth, once he had I spat into him. I saw a flash in his eyes of acceptance and knew the fag loved spit. The look in his eyes also told me he was mine and he would obey. I pushed him towards the bedroom.

Back on his knees in front of my wardrobe mirror I pulled down my shorts and told him to sniff my sweaty jockstrap. He immediately moved forward and I felt his warm breath as it blew through the cotton jock. The boi groaned as he greedily took my scent in him. Pulling the jock to the side I told him to lick my balls. He lowered himself so he could look up at me and lick my balls. The wet tongue felt great as it explored my ball sack. In no time my cock was out.

“You want to suck on white cock boi?”

“Yes Sir. Please let me pleasure you.”

My cock slid into him and he showed himself to be a loyal cock servant. All his attention when into sliding up and down my shaft.

“Look at yourself in the mirror fag. On your knees sucking a stranger’s cock like a slut.”

His reply was not understandable as there was no way this lad was going to release my cock just to speak. I grabbed the side of his head and give him a hard face fuck. It was horny listening to the gagging sounds of the Greater Cocksucking Slut.

Kicking my Nikes off I forced his head down to my sweaty gym whites and told him to worship them. Again he wasn’t completely into it but I held him there. The boi needed to learn its Master’s scent.

Nike trainers, dirty jock and sweaty white guym socks

Holding the collar I pull the boi onto the bed and pull him around so he’s back sucking my cock. Giving the sub punishment and pleasure will teach it to be there for my pleasure and not its. Yanking his head up his mouth stays open and I spit into him and then put him back on my cock. I give the side of his face a slap but it does not distract the sub from cocksucking, the boi was learning.

As he sucked me off I reach over and lube up his arse. This lad was more after a fucking than subbing so I here him groan as his arse finally gets some attention. Spinning him around I stand next to the bed as he grinds his bubble butt on my hard on. Sliding into a condom I begin to tease his hole with my cock head. The boi of course pushes back and I slide through his ring. He puts his head onto the bed and I begin to work on his arse.

Holding onto his hips I am soon pounding away and the boi is clearly loving being penetrated. Grabbing the collar I pull his head up and he backs further onto my cock. His sexy black arse looks great with my thick white cock inside it.

After a good pounding I push the boi down onto the bed and grab his foot to spin him onto his back. Holding his legs up I kneel onto the bed and rest his feet on my shoulders. In this position my cock in soon back inside his cunt. As I fuck him I look down into his eyes, he is clearly loving my cock and his eyes keep rolling back. I move my mouth and the sub knows he is about to get a sit treat, he opens his mouth and pushes his head up. This boi loves spit. I give him the treat and he swallows it happily.

“I’m going to cum Sir.”

I change my fucking style and bring myself to the edge of cumming. As his white spunk lands on his black stomach I also spunk as I fuck him.

Later that week I got a message from a blank Grindr profile. He said he was 27, black and loved white cock. Despite having a girlfriend I managed to get a photo of him and he looked usable. He was in a rush as he was heading home after work. So I invited him over. He said he wanted nothing but to suck my cock and swallow my cum.

In no time there was a knock at the door and the boi arrived, he was carrying a big work bag. Once in my hallway he dropped to his knees and took his bag off. I was wearing grey jogging shorts and he pushed his face into them.

” Please Sir, can I suck on your white cock? I need it.”

He looked up at me as he rubbed against my groin, his held his hands behind him. I slap his face and then lower my shorts. The sub immediately starts to suck me off, welcoming my hardening cock into his mouth. The sub clearly loved nothing more than cock in it and happily sucked away.

“I love sucking white cock Sir.”

There was plenty of verbal and the boi made gagging noises as he served my cock. He tugged on his nipples as he sucked but made no move to his cock. At one point I gave his groin a kick but he never stopped sucking.

We never got further than the hallway and after a great long suck I spunked down in throat. It felt great to empty my balls in him and he groaned in pleasure and he accepted my DNA. After he kept sucking, trying to get all my cum.

Then he stood up, said he wanted to return and left.

I am also talking to an 18 year old black sub who loves waning to this blog. I should be using him soon. He’s necessary for a slap and to serve me.

UPDATE: In the week it took me to write this up the oral sub came back for another load.

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