Lone Star Slave Ranch: Tom’s Story

Hot Cowboys use gay slaves

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ebook gay slave cowboysTom has reached his eighteenth birthday and it is time to leave home. Time to explore what life has to offer and find an adventure. His first lesson is life is never that simple. A series of twists means he finds himself in deep trouble with no one willing to help. That is when he finds himself on the Lone Star Slave Ranch. Now he has to decide what he is willing to do to get a second chance.

The large ranch sits in an isolated part of Texas and the owner runs it by his own rules. Readers of the Boy Band Slave have already met Jacob and know how he likes to treat his slaves. This book can be read without reading that series of books though.

The cowboys on the ranch have no respect for the slaves. They actively try to humiliate them and treat them as objects for abuse. They boss the slaves about and then take their pleasure how though want; as roughly as they want.

Not everyone one on the ranch thinks that is right though. Just how far are they willing to go to stop Jacob?

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This is a gay erotic novelette of just over 22,000 words. For adult readers only.

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