Accepting The Collar

collar subsAs well as my sub boys I have a few lads who love nothing more than to kneel between my legs and suck my cock. One of these lads lives in the area which hosted London 2012. He has a lovely flat, as well as a sexy body, so it is always good to visit him.

He has already satisfied one of my desires and sucks me off wearing just his white socks. This Sunday though he saw my more dominant Grindr profile and asked to be used more as a sub. In fact, I made him beg to be used as a sub once he expressed an interest in serving my needs.

It is always a danger introducing a lad to being a sub in case they hate it. As this lad was also a great sucker turning him off would be a double blow. We shared lots of ideas though so he knew what to expect and so he would not be too shocked. In the end we agreed on a normal session with some kink thrown in.

Arriving in his flat I find him wearing white trainer socks, shorts and a tee shirt. He has a Mediterranean look with black hair and beard. Taking hold of him I push him again the wall and we start kissing. My hands explore him and one of them takes hold of his neck. Holding his head still I look at him.

“You going to serve me well boi.”

He responds with the word yes and I slap the side of his face.

“Call me Sir.”

“Yes Sir.”

I pull off his tee shirt to reveal his hairy chest; soon his shorts and pants join the shirt on the floor. As I kiss him against the wall I pull out my collar. I fit the collar around his neck and he looks very sexy in just the socks and collar.

Turning him around I kiss him as I grind my hard cock against his firm arse. He groans as my hands play with his nipples. This lad isn’t into fucking but he likes to feel my cock against his arse. Pushing him away from me I give his arse a spank. His response surprises me.

“Harder Sir.”

Sounds like the boi is accepting its place.

Kicking off my Nikes he says we are playing in the bedroom this time. With my hand under the collar I lead him into the room. Once next to the bed I push him down onto his knees. Holding his mouth open I spit inside and he happily swallows. Pushing him down I make him kiss my white socks. All the time I’m giving him verbal about being my fag now.

After a bit of time with my socks he pulls them off and starts licking my bare feet. This boi likes to keep eye contact. It’s sexy to see him look at me with my toes in his gob. I turn the lad around and make him lie on his back. Sitting on the bed I rest one foot on his chest and rub the other in his face. The boi loves the new position and works hard on my foot. I look down at his sexy body and his rock hard cock.

“Get on your knees cunt.”

The boi needs no more encouragement and is soon in position. His eyes greedily stare at my hard cock and I give him permission to serve it. He is clearly enjoy being my sub but he’s only truly happy with a cock in his mouth. Lying back on the bed I relax and enjoy the oral pleasure.

The boi loves a few different techniques. Sometimes just sucking. Then using a hand and his gob. Licking. Getting face fucked.

Grabbing the collar I push his head down on my dirty jock and tell him to sniff it; he urgently gets off on my scent. I kneel behind him and dry-hump him. I hear him groan as my saliva covered cock slides up and down his arse crack. Even someone who doesn’t get fucked can enjoy having a man behind him.

Climbing onto the bed I lie back with my hands behind my head; of course he follows and is soon attached to my cock again. After a while I grab hold of his head and pull him up and down on my manhood. He is now just a hole for my cock to fuck.

Flipping him on his back I kneel over him and slap my wet cock in his face. He loves it and opens his mouth to try and catch my cock. I dip my balls in him instead. Turning his head to one side he finally gets my cock back inside him. I lean over and play with one of his nipples with my teeth. As well as hearing him groan I feel it vibrate through my hard-on.

Moving around I put his legs on shoulders and lean over the boi. I love seeing white socks waving around like a sign of surrender. My cock rubs against his hole as we kiss deeply. I reach out and hold down his arms. He looks so sexy pinned down showing off his hole.

Falling down on the bed I lie on my back and the boi moves so his head rests on my thigh. He watches my cock as I wank and he tries to lick the shaft. Looking down on his sexy body I soon reach the point of climax. Pointing my cock in his face I spunk and give him the facial he so loves. As I do he also cums and covers himself in white lines of his spunk.

Lying on the bed we talk about the session. He is keen to be a sub again.

Collar Law Sign sub slaves

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