Nikes On A Train

Nikes On A Train

After a long weekend with the family every lad I saw on the train station looked hot. As I walked down my carriage though I saw the hottest lad yet. I just glimpsed him as he sat down, his black hair and smoothed face caught my attention though. Slowly I walked by and almost sat next to him when I saw he was in shorts. Proudly he showed off his hairy legs.

My seat was further down but the ones in front of him were available so I sat down. Then I realised sitting in front of him was useless. How was I to see him from here?

As the train headed south to London I decided I would try to take a photograph under the seat. Checking my flash was off I began to pretend I was playing with my phone between my legs. Flicking to camera I lowered the phone so the camera faced backwards and took a photograph. I waited a little while and the looked at what I had.

Nike Hunt 1
What? Where was he? I was expecting a pic of his sexy trainers and white socks, instead I had nothing! Checking back in the window I saw he was definitely there. So he must have his legs up. I gave up and went back to reading my book.

After awhile I decided to try again.

Nike Hunt 2
Finally I had his Nike and it looked a hot design. Though the grey socks were a disappointment. I used my imagination to have him strip to his footwear and the journey sped along.

I decided to give it another try.

Nike Hunt 3
This time I got both his feet. He casually rested one foot on top of the other in a slightly showing off style. I loved getting some more of his sock in too.

Another chapter of my book and I tried again. We were arriving at a station soon and the train might fill up.

Nike Hunt 4
The Nikes were resting next to each other now and I could see the top of his sock. It strangely felt like he was showing off for me. I appreciated it.

The train pulled up at the next station and someone sat next to me. Meaning no more photographs of my boi and his Nikes. Oh well, I had enjoyed the journey more for his presence.

4 thoughts on “Nikes On A Train

  1. Hi, man. I am a brazilian guy who loves dirty, sweaty and smelly Nike sneakers, socks and feet. I can’t stop to see your photos and imagine me under your feet, licking and smelling your feet and sneakers. Today I woke up thinking about these sneakers:
    I hope someday I can serve you. I will clean your dirty Nike sneakers with my tongue.
    From a fan from Brazil.

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