Boy Band Slave: Book 5 – Reunions


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5 ReunionsNow back in London Zac has left his Master and is in hot water with his record label. With a photograph of him being used as a sex slave the most shared picture on the internet, he has to determine what to do next. He also has to decide what to do with the person who took the photograph.

In the fast-moving fifth book in the Boy Band Slave series, we follow Zac as he tries to sort out his life. Of course, nothing is ever simple in this lad’s life and very soon he finds himself in big trouble. In a book called Reunions, we soon discover is not always good to meet people from your past.

Who will end up holding Zac’s leash? That’s assuming he survives till the end.

Click on the Amazon Kindle links below to buy the ebook. This is a gay erotic novelette of just over 22,000 words. You can read a free preview of the book by clicking here.

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