From A Straight To A Gay


I have already posted about a meet with a straight lad who was just after my feet, Straights Love Feet, the lad seemed to enjoy himself so much he asked to return. Turns out though he had got off so much on reading the post about himself that he had read the rest of this blog. One story particularly caught his interest, the one called Non-Sexual Meet. This is the meet where another curious lad agreed to a role-play session where he pretended he wanted to rent the flat and ends up tied up and given some light abuse. Turns out my straight foot lad got off on the idea of some bondage and wanted the same. Well, you know I find it difficult to say no to straight subs …

The door bell went and I opened my front door to find the nervous looking lad stood outside. I told him to come in and asked if he had seen many flats in the area and whether it was just him or his girlfriend moving in too. He replied not many and he may have a girlfriend in a few months. We moved quickly through the flat, making small talk and judging the rooms.

When we arrived at the bedroom I let him go first and he began to ask a question. I never heard it though as I pulled him against me and held a cloth over his mouth and nose dripping in chloroform. He had a brief struggle but I held onto him tight and soon became drowsy and obedient. Once in this state I told him to relax and I would look after him. Once I had unzipped his top and pulled his tee-shirt over his head I ran my hands over his chest. I told him not to struggle and everything would be fine, with that said I turned him around and pushed him onto the bed lying on his back.

Picking up one foot I removed his trainers to reveal black socks with small white dots on, I then released his other foot, rubbing it against the groin area of the shorts I was wearing.

Reaching up I undid his belt and jeans, put his feet on my shoulders and pulled his clothing off. I smiled down at him as he lay sleepily on my bed, his cut cock on display and only in his socks. After enjoying the view I pulled him up and took him to the foot of the bed where I made him kneel on the floor and rest his head on the bed. With my leather collar around his neck I then put my wrist cuffs on him and used rope to tie them to the bottom corners of the bed. Kneeling behind him I rubbed my cock against his arse and ran my hands over his 20 year old body, it felt good to have the sub bound and at my mercy.

Grabbing his hair I pulled his head up and slapped his face a couple of turns. When he came around he made some comments about what the fuck I was doing. I slapped him again and told him to shut the fuck up. I made it clear that if he didn’t please me I was going to fuck his straight arse. I made him say Sir when he acknowledge that he understood the situation.

Moving around I sat on the bed in front of my captive and grabbed his head. Explaining I was serious and he better do as I ordered else he straight arse was in danger. I moved one of my feet up so it was on the edge of the bed. I had been wearing some black and grey hooped socks for a couple of days now and I told him to lick him. The look I got back made it clear he had not understood the danger he was in. Grabbing the back of his neck I pulled his head over my knee and reached over to give his lilly white arse a few smacks. Pulling him back I told him it was feet or fuck, his decision. That is when he bowed his head and began to lick my socks. Making myself comfortable on the bed I put my feet together and told him I wanted them cleaned.

Looking down I loved the way he kept looking up at me with his sad face, his tongue greedily licking my socks. When I went back to sitting at the end of the bed I saw his hard cock pointing to the ceiling, giving away his true thoughts. Pulling off a sock I rolled it into a ball and stuffed it into his gob. I told him he was the third lad I had over to see my flat and the other two had got fucked, so he better step up his game.

Pulling my other sock off I then freed his mouth and ordered him to get on with my bare feet. After the threat he needed no encouragement and was soon worshipping my sweaty feet like a good sub. From our previous meet I knew this boi was more about tongue on foot, so I lay back and gave him plenty of time licking my size 11s (EU: 45. US: 12).

Moving back to sitting in front of him I positioned my foot so my big toe was pointing at him. I then explained that he better give me a great toe job or I would make him give me a blow job. With great relish he took my big toe in his gob and started to slide up and down it, showing me how good he was with feet.

After he had licked between each of my toes I lay face down on my bed so that the soles of my feet were right in front of him. Without instruction he licked both my soles for a long time and never complained. It was great to just lie relaxing as the sub cleaned my feet.

When I finally decided to get up he had managed to position himself so one hand could reach his cock and he was wanking off as he worshipped my feet. I pushed him down and he lay on the floor on his back. One of his hands wanking and the other one useless to him as it was tied too far away to do anything. I put my left foot on his chest and my right one in his face. As he licked one foot I slapped his chest and face with the other. The sub was clearly getting excited and  I watched as the little straight sub got more and more excited. In the end he could hold back no more and streams of white cum sprayed across his chest.

Once freed from his bounds the boi got dressed and we had a chat about how things were going. He said he hadn’t licked many more feet, in fact the last time was when he met me. Once he had said goodbye though I had the problem with being incredibly turned on, and with no one to sort me out. I considered sacrificing a sock for a wank when I decided to check Grindr. There was good news as one of the lads I know who loves a suck&go meet was online. I messaged asking if he wanted cock now and he replied he was on his way.

In the living room I switched the main light off, put some lamps on, and then put some porn on the TV. In less than 10 minutes the door bell went again and I let the cock-sucker in. He’s a short south American with jet black hair and sexy eyes. He headed straight for the living and knelt before the sofa. I was still in my grey cotton shorts and my bulge was showing. He clearly loved the view and rubbed his face in it. In no time I was down to white socks and my cock was in his gob. This lad loves to stay dressed and just serve, so his cool coat rested again my legs.

The lads technique swaps between sucking, to licking, to kissing and then ball-sucking. I just let him get on with it. He clearly doesn’t need my input, I just provide the cock for him to suck on. Watching the lad it was horny to know I just had a toe-job off one sub and now another was giving me a blow-job.

He worked hard on pleasing me and he certainly lived up to his Grindr profile name: Good Sucking. After around 10 minutes I began to groan and he started to more up and down faster, clearly desperate for his reward. After two lads the explosion in my groin was amazing and I pumped loads of my cum into the hungry sub’s gob. He was as good as ever and swallowed it all down.

Afterwards he licked around my cock and balls to ensure he had everything, then stood up and said it was good to see me again and off he went. He had arrived so quickly I hadn’t had time to close Grindr. As I closed the app I realised the two profiles at the top next to mine were the two lads I had used. A nice reminder of a double good time.


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