That’s Torn It!

Torn It

As I have mentioned before, pre-meet I’m always willing to listen to a sub and hear what ideas they have. I had met this sub once before after it had responded to an advert on Craigslist. You will not be surprised to hear it is another sub in a sexless relationship: Crying out for hard sex and a cock up its arse. Maybe I should write a section on my Blog about starting up kinky sex in your relationship? Anyway this sub had an interest in clothes ripping, especially pants being ripped and left on as rags. It sounded like an interesting ideal so I told it to wear white pants to go with its newly purchased white socks.

The sub came around to my flat and was clearly nervous about going behind his boyfriend’s back. I’m not sure why. If you’re not getting sex at home what do people expect to happen? Having to settle his nerves I went for the old classic of giving him a cock to suck on. Usually I spend time getting a boi stripped to socks and collared, but it’s good to mix things up sometimes. So with us both fully dressed I pushed him to his knees, flop out my cock and order him to suck. He moves forward and gulps my cock into his mouth. The sub is a good little sucker and clearly needs regular cock to keep him happy. As he sucks away he looks like a baby relaxing as he got his dummy (or pacifier as the Americans say).

I feel a little sorry for this sub as he has a high sex drive but his boyfriend gives him no sex whatsoever. Last time we met he was ready to explode with desire. He has even convinced himself that it is his fault, as he’s too ugly to turn his boyfriend on. In fact he’s a good looking, keen to please, sub. I have told him he can have his boyfriend for cuddles and me for slaps.

Once he has calmed down I pull him to his feet and begin to pull off his clothes. Throwing them to the floor to show him clothes are not allowed. Once he is stood before me in white socks and pants I collar the slut. Pushing him to all fours I order my Nikes licked clean. From our first meet I know this sub is a good foot worshipper and happily licks a trainer all over.

wrist 2 ankleWith my trainers clean I pull the sub up and push him to the bedroom, giving him plenty of verbal as we make the short journey through my flat. Once there I push him down on to my bed and then lie on top of him, this is the perfect position to give him verbal directly in his ear. It is strange having him still in his pants, I can feel him rubbing his cloth covered arse against my groin: Needing cock. He responds to the sound of His Master’s Voice and cannot help but become more responsive to me. I find this particular sub sometimes think he’s more important than he is. Some slaps, spit and verbal soon puts him in his place though.

Pulling him around I kick my trainer off and have him lick and sniff my socks. It feels good to have him back at my feet, where all subs belong. I cannot truly remember if the boi said he was into feet, but in both our meets he has been a hungry foot licker. As long as he does as he’s told I’m not that bothered if he’s getting off on my scent or not. With a few regular meets he will learn this is his true position. Having wrist and ankles cuffs I do have a favourite position where I padlock the wrist to the ankle and force the boi to stick his ass in the air: Ready to be pounded.

The view of a sub presenting his arse to its Master is also a glorious sight. Though it looks a bit strange to me at the moment with his dazzling white pants on.

Present Arse

With his arse on show I take a pair of scissors and make a small cut where I know his arse hole will be waiting underneath. I then grab the material and a ripping sound fills the room. The sub groans as his boicunt is exposed. I spit on it and give it a rub. In the position the sub has no say in the access I have to him. I squeeze some lube on my fingers and begin to work his hole.

The problem with him not having much use is his hole keeps forgetting what it is truly for, so the boi moans away like a virgin. though I find the noise very horny. With two fingers in his hole I slide my smallest butt-plug into him and laugh at the noise he makes.


Pulling the plug out and pushing it back in the boi’s ring soon accepts the abuse and the he begins a happier groaning noise. I kneel before his hole and pull on a condom, remove the plug and slide my cock into him. Grabbing hold of his hips I’m soon pulling him into my thrusts and giving him a good pounding. Slapping his arse as I go in and out of him.

After a couple of minutes I reach down and unlock the two padlocks holding him in position. He moves to a more natural doggy style and pushes against my body to get a deeper fuck. He keeps trying to come up onto just his knees, so in the end I grab him by the back of his neck and hold him down.

With him now fully accepting of his place as a hole for me to fuck I push the boi flat and lie on top of him. He responds to my weight on him and I finally hear him accept he’s my fag. A verbal acceptance flows out of him mouth.

“I’m your slut. I’m your fag. You own my arse Sir. Please use me how you see fit.”

Soon I’m pulling my cock out and spinning the boi around. Putting his socked feet on my shoulders and then sliding back into his battered hole. Looking up at me he shakes up and down as I fuck him. Spitting down at his face he uses his fingers to get all my spit into his gob. I keep spitting as I fuck away and his face gleams away from my saliva. I give his face a slap. He gazes up at me and looks so ecstatic to have me inside him.

Rolling off the boi I pull off the condom and lie on the bed with my hands behind my hand. The boi is up onto all fours and licking away at my pits, he slowly moves down my chest. I order him to go down to my feet, pull off the socks I’m wearing and lick my feet clean.

With my feet freshly licked the boi moves up to my cock and begins to suck me off. I hold his head down at different stages to give the back of his throat a bruising. With his mouth working hard I’m soon in a position to cum. Pushing him onto his back I sit stride his chest and aim my cock on his face. The boi begs for it. Streams of white cum begin to spray across his face and into his open mouth.

This boi truly loves to be used.

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