Straights Love Feet


Every Master knows you have to find the right level to start using a boi. If you are meeting an experienced inferior then you can start on a serious level. If you’re meeting a fresh faced newbie then you start gently. When I saw a Grindr profile headed Feet? which belonged to a 20 year old lad I was bound to say hello.

I was surprised though when he said he was only after feet and nothing else. Once he said he was straight I immediately invited him over. He said he had been at six guys feet and loved it. I asked if he was willing to serve in just his socks and collar, he was. It sounded ideal. Feet cleaned by a hot straight boi.

In fact it sounded too good to be true. True to his word though 15 minutes later a slightly nervous lad was stripping down to his turquoise socks and kneeling down to be collared. At this stage his cock was very floppy.

I sat down on my sofa, put my feet on a dinner table chair and ordered him to remove my brown shoes. Once the shoes were off he needed no command and shoved his face into my socks. The socks were grey and black striped and had been worn for two days. A low moan came from him as he inhaled my scent into him. I put my hands behind my head and let the lad have his pleasure. Plenty of gays cocktease on the web so the fact that this straight lad had been brave enough to seek out what he desired meant he should be allowed to enjoy himself.

My cock stiffened as I watched this greedy boi work both my socks. One of his hands rubbed my socks, even going above them under my jeans to touch my calf muscle. Whilst his other wanked his now rock hard cock furiously.

“You love it down there don’t you boi. Pull off one of my socks.”

He pulls off my left socks, turning it inside out as he does so. His tongue comes out and starts to lick my sweaty toes. Starting on the top of them he moves around and licks the underneath, looking up at me as he tastes me.

“Slide your tongue between my toes.”

His tongue pushes between my toes and appears through the gap. He then lowers himself and licks the sole; from heel to toe. He moves and starts sucking on my big toe. He has a great technique and I think he would make a good cock sucker, though we won’t be going that far. He takes in a couple of more toes and enjoys their taste.

“Can you fit them all in boi.”

He takes up the challenge and soon I am wiggling all my toes inside his mouth. I do love a boi at my feet. He continues to lick, suck and kiss. He is definitely more of a barefoot boi.

“Take off my other sock boi.”

With two bare feet the boi seems to be in a hypnotic sense of happiest. He barely acknowledges my body above the ankles. His attention is fully taken my the man size 11s in front of him. The taste is driving him wild. I unbutton my jeans and play with my cock through my boxers.

“Better than licking women’s feet?”

He doesn’t speak but eagerly nods. Nothing can distract him from the two feet attached to his tongue. Moving my left foot from his reach I rub it against his chest and slap it on him. Moving down I rub his balls along the top of my foot, softly he moans as he worships my right foot.

I notice he is slowly sliding downwards towards the floor. Assuming he wants a new position I push him down onto his back and hover my right foot above his gob. He kisses and sucks my heel. Loving the rougher skin on that area of my foot. My left foot I plant in the middle of his chest and his hand gently rubs it.

“Cum for me straight boi. I want to see how much you love my feet.”

As he has been wanking the whole session he quickly shows signs of his impending orgasm. With both my feet in his face I bend down and rub his balls. He had said he preferred no touching. I doubt he will complain now though. I rub them as his cum shoots across his chest and he releases his cock after a few more tugs. I then give his cock a few strokes, wondering if I’m the first man to touch his hard on. He lies back and makes a very satisfied noise.

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