Quelle Surprise!

French Socks

On Grindr I quite often get lads who are just after a cock to suck, and as you know I’m a fan of a Suck&Go. A few months ago a French lad messaged me after just that kind of meet, so I offered my cock to help him out. As he was walking over he messaged asking what colour socks I was wearing. At the time I was wearing black and he replied asking if I had any white football socks. I immediately headed to my bedroom and changed into white football socks.

It was a nice surprise to find a lad asking me to wear socks rather then the other way round. He arrived and was very hot, and hot for my socks too. I laid back on my bed and he moved between my cock and socks a very happy French boi. He had stripped on arrival to his white socks and jock, so I enjoyed a very horny view too.

A few weeks later he reappeared on Grindr asking if I was free, so I told him to come on over. This time he asked if I had any sweaty socks, so I slipped my gym trainer socks over my football socks. I almost felt my cock was being ignored this time, as the boi was so happy at my socks. This time he was just in white socks and in the end he did reach the top of my legs and sucked away like a good slut.

When we chatted after our third meet I asked if he just wanted my mobile so he could contact me easier. When he refused I realised I had another sub boi in a relationship, just like my boi from this post. People in relationships really do seem to give up on sex. Well, with each other!

He messaged again the other night and asked for the same meet but with kissing and some rolling around on the bed. I said sure and asked if he was up for being fucked, but he said he wasn’t really up for that. If we could get a third though he would be up for a threesome.

Once he arrived our clothes were stripped off quickly and we down to our white socks. He lay on the bed with his legs up and me between them, we enjoyed kissing for a long time. I gently pulled at his hair and held his neck, he groaned away in pleasure. Sliding his tongue down my chest he soon swallowed my cock and happily sucked away. I checked Grindr but as usual a threesome is hard to organise so quickly. He slipped off my cock and down to my sock where he licked and sniffed like a good boi.

Pulling his head back up we roll around kissing and running our hands over each over. This boi loves cock though and he is soon reattached to mine and sucking away like a pro.

He decides he want to check Grindr for a third so I wank him off as he has a scout around. Some show interest and then stop replying. The boi rolls onto his stomach and I take the chance to climb onto him. Some lads get off on just having a man on top of them, and he is clearly one. As I kiss neck and lick his back the phone falls from his hands and his heads buries into the bed. He comes up for some poppers and then all I hear is his purring as he enjoys my tongue and hands exploring him.

Soon my tongue is licking the top of his bum cheeks and moving down the gap between them. As I approach his ring I see him take more poppers and as he screws the lid back on I begin to rim him. He starts to grind against my bed and he clearly is loving this attention. He arse tastes great and I rim him long and deep.

I begin to move back up his back and when I reach his neck my hard cock is happily rubbing between his cheeks. He is now groaning non-stop and my wet cock and his wet arse are loving the feeling of sliding together. Suddenly he lifts his head up and speaks.

“Put a condom on.”

I need no more than that. The boi needs a fucking and I’m hard and ready to sort him out. With condom and lube next to the bed I soon have him doggy style and my cock entering him. He puts a hand out to show he needs it gentle and to check I’m safe. Once he is use to my cock in him he begins to fuck himself and I kneel and watch myself sliding in and out of him. Then I grab hold of his hips and begin to fuck him, thrusting deeply into his sexy arse.

He takes a good fucking before he says he need a break. His break though involves sucking on the cock that was just anally pleasuring him. He has totally forgot about the threesome and says he wants to see my cum. He wanks and licks me and soon I say I’m ready. Starting his wanking he cums before me, but his cum on my chest is soon joined by mine. He sits back with a big, sexy smile on his face.

Viva La France!

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