View From The Other Side

Other View

The next installment of the Boy Band Slave will be written from the viewpoint of the slave. So I thought I would have a go at writing as a sub. The meet below happened, and it was an American guy on holiday in London. However it is me writing as him …


speech66Having visited London before I knew I would need something to fill a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. The tourist traps of the city I have already done, and I decided I wanted to be done too. Using Recon I messaged quite a few London tops seeing if I could organising a meet. One Master stood out and a link to his blog only made me keener. That’s why I now find myself walking through strange streets in north London, heading towards the man who has ordered me to call him Sir. I told him I would find his flat rather than meet at the tube station, I didn’t want to talk to him after all.

Ringing the doorbell I wait. I’m 20 minutes late. As he knows I’m not from the city I hope he will forgive me. I’m wearing a red baseball cap, casual clothing and a jock. He didn’t seem bothered by my clothing when we were texting though. Apparently I would only wear my socks anyway.

The blue door opens and a bearded man in sports clothing opens the door. He nods me inside and he is taller than I thought he would be. We are inside a shared hallway and he knocks my hat off and starts to pull off my tee-shirt. I feel exposed in the hallway but I don’t stop him. I realise this is a serious Master and he’s going to do want him wants to me. My cock stiffens in my jock.

He uses me to open his flat’s door by pushing me against it. He kicks the removed clothes into the flat and holds me against the wall. I am soon stood in front of him in just black trainer socks and my jock, he inspects my muscular body. I am facing him and he holds me by the neck.

“So you’re the dirty fag who has travelled from America just to be slapped about?”

“Yes Sir. I’m yours.”

The words fall out of my mouth. His accent sounds strange to my American ears, but I know I’m going to obey him. He holds his collar in front of me.

“If I put this on you you’re my boi and you will obey until it’s removed. You ready?”

“Please collar me. I’m yours.”

Once the collar is on he uses it to pull me down on to all fours. All I can see is his black and white Nikes.

“Lick them.”

I move forward and begin to lick them. They feel cold to my tongue and the position pushes my ass in the air, he begins to slap it. I am not big on pain but I do not say anything. I move to spread the pain but he tells me off. Grabbing the collar again he drags me to my feet and pushes me against the wall. This time I’m facing the wall and he pushes his body against me. I can feel his hardon through his clothing against me ass.

“You do as you’re told bitch. I don’t like fags that say no. So make sure you don’t,” he pulls my jock off. “You know the Rules: Only socks and collar.”

Turning my face around he holds open my mouth and spits in it. I swallow his gift down. He then pushes me through the flat and to the bedroom. Once there he pushes me down onto his bed and climbs on top of me. It feels good to have his weight on me. I love handing over control to a man.

Verbally he abuses me, his mouth so close to my ear I can feel his hot breath. He holds be down with my neck and climbs off me. I can hear him picking something up but I cannot see what.

I feel a small point of pain on my back which then moves down towards my ass. From reading his blog I realise he’s using the pinwheel on me. The feeling is more of a tingle than pain but I squirm underneath its movement. My Master holds me firmly by the neck and the wheel rolls over me.

I’m now being dragged by the collar to his Nikes and I’m ordered to remove the left one. I kiss it before taking it off and then sniff the inside. The smell of trainers has always driven me wild. They seem to be designed for a face to bury inside and enjoy their warm scent.

He was warned me his white trainer socks have been to the gym lots. As I move towards them I see they are off white from my Master’s sweat. The smell hits me and I close my eyes to truly enjoy this delight. My tongue explores the sock too. This is what I was after. I love being at a man’s feet. This is what gets me really horny.

I’m given plenty of time at his feet and I get to remove his other Nike and enjoy the scent. All the time my Master tells me how I belong at his feet and his socks are worth more than me. My cock is rock hard and my balls are aching.

Climbing off the bed he orders me to crawl to him, once there he lowers his trackie bottoms to reveal his jock. I head straight to it and rub my face in it. A different smell from socks and I get a scent of his cock. This Master is driving me wild with deserve.

“You want to taste my cock Yank?”

“Yes Sir. Please let me.”


“Please let me Sir. I need you inside me.”

Pulling his jock to the side his cock falls out and hits me in the face. I hear him laugh as I move so the cock is in front of my mouth and I gobble it down. He slaps my face as I suck him off, it doesn’t put me off though. I’ve not had cock for a few weeks and it is great to have one back in my gob. He is in no rush and gives me plenty of time with his manhood.

“Turn around boi. Time to use your other hole.”

Without another word I turn on the bed so my ass is on display. Lowering my head and arching my back, I present my cunt to my Master. From a bedside cabinet he removes some lube and rubs it on my ring and into my hole. It feels great to have his fingers in me and I let out a groan. My ass gets a slap and I look back to see the condom going on. His lubed cock head is against my ring and slowly pushing inside me. It takes a moment to fully embrace the man inside me and I ask him to go gently. As his shaft dives deeper into me though I open up and know that I’m in for a good fucking.

His slow thrusts soon become more urgent and deeper. I grab his discarded jock and pull it to my nose. I smell the man as he fucks my hole. He hands are on my hips and pull me into his thrusts. Kneeling there I take the pounding I so needed. Grabbing the collar he pulls my head up and fucks me that way. It makes it difficult to breath but I love the sense of just being a piece of meat. Releasing the collar my head falls to the bed.

He keeps fucking me.

Reaching down he now lifts up my feet meaning I’m just resting on my knees now. The change in position seems to let him slide in deeper and ride me harder. The scent of the jock fills my nostrils. Letting go of my feet he pulls his cock totally out of me and then orders me on my back. There is no time to rest as he gets on the bed and lifts my feet onto his shoulders. I stare at my black trainer socks waving from above him. As he moves forward my hole is opened up and I feel his cock slide back into me. Every part of my body welcomes it in. The pounding continues in the new position.

My Master likes to fuck hard.

His face is now over me as he fucks and I stare into his eyes. He has a determined look. I see him getting some spit ready so I open my mouth and accept it into me. Although his cock is normal length he is thick and the stretching of my ring feels constant. After awhile I cry out the word Mercy and he smiles down at me and then laughs. After one more deep thrust he slowly slides out of me. I miss him being inside straight away.

He kneels on the bed in his white trainer socks and his England soccer shirt. Pulling off the condom he throws it to the floor. Using the collar he pulls me to the England badge on the shirt and orders me to kiss. After I have he pulls the shirt off, lies on the bed, puts his hands behind his head and tells me his pits need cleaning. With glee I push my face into them, one after the other. Feeling the wet, fresh sweat on my face. Breathing in his manly scent. Licking up the sweat. He laughs and says this is what I am for. Though it is good to hear, I don’t need telling. I’m in heaven.

“Boi, go and remove my socks and then lick my feet clean.”

It’s right that I wear his collar because I am like an excited puppy not knowing what I want to do most. As instructed though I head down to his size 12s (in the UK they’re size 11s) and free them from the socks. My Master is generous with time again and I spend a long down with his feet. Sucking the toes and getting my tongue between the gap. Licking him from heel to toe. Parts of his feet feel rough and other parts baby soft, all a delight to a foot sub like me. Occasionally I look up at him and he looks down with a smile and gives my some verbal abuse. Once I catch him with his eyes shut, lying back and enjoying my work. I lick up from his feet too, tasting his legs. All of him taste so good.

“Get off the bed and kneel boi.”

Once I have obeyed he stands over me and wanks. He is now totally naked and I look up at the man waiting for my gift. Licking at his balls I also wank my cock. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to, but he hasn’t stopped me so I keep going.

“You ready for some British cum Yank?”

My eyes open wide and I hear him groan as the white liquid begins to rain down on me. My face and chest is covered and it feels amazing to receive him on to me. I also cum, but just on myself and it seems secondary. This was all about him, I loved pleasing him and serving his needs.

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