Finding: Write A Blog


Having just reached 10,000 Views for this blog it would be remiss of me not to point out the benefits of keeping a blog, and using that blog to get subs.

Understandably subs want to get an idea of the Master they are about to meet. It can be quite a nervous experience meeting a Master. Giving a sub an idea of what you are about can take a lot of time, it can also be a waste of time if you end up not matching. The one thing I have found with this blog is subs love to read. They will go through and immediately have an idea of the areas you match, and which things need to be ruled out. Reading about what you have done to others also gives them ideas, and maybe they will be willing to expand their list of likes.

It also gets rid of a lot of cyberwankers. They will reply that they cannot be bothered to read and you should tell them what you want to do (written in a email!). I know to dismiss these as useless.

I also get subs asking if I will write up their session. They get off on the idea of people reading about how they were used. I had one sub read about his session and then beg to return for more.

So it’s worth considering a blog. Plus it’s horny to look back on sessions and be reminded of fun times!

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