15 Years A Slave

10 Years A Slave

There are some subs you connect with and you end up meeting regularly over years. The sub I’m meeting today is one I’ve been connected to for around fifteen years. Of course it’s not weekly sex or anything that regular. There’s been long periods without physical connection. Despite that we have stayed Boss and cunt.

Over the time we have changed and introduced each other to new things. When I first met cunt he was a foot sub. He loved nothing more than his tongue between a man’s toes. I trained him to respect the packaging of the foot too. To savour the smell of a trainer. To see a sock as a source of horny joy. He embraced these delights quickly and well.

Cunt loved piss, but I had never explored it. So he used to get beer in and I’d end up busting for a piss. He then offered his services.

We have also shared many horny sessions, some I should share with you when I get time. Especially when he gifted me a rent boy. This boi has given me other gifts in tribute, you can read his thoughts on this subject on my post called Cash Slave.

Anyway, I’ve arrived now. So time to have fun!


Cunt DisplayedCunt is living in a new flat so we start with a look around and chat. He is soon stripped to white socks and collared. Rather than a usual black leather collar today we are trying out a chain and padlock. I push him to his knees and he happily starts rubbing his face on my trackies. I’ve come straight from the gym as this one loves my scent. Pushing him further down he begins to clean the white Reeboks I’m wearing. They were a gift from him so he has a duty to look after them.

After they are cleaned I pull him up, spit in his mouth and give him a slap. I then give him access to my jock, it is still damp from my workout. He groans as my scent drives him wild. His tongue goes to where jock and skin meet and he licks up my taste.

Sitting down on the bed I give him permission to remove and sniff a Reebok.

“Thanks Boss.”

The level of his groans raise exponentially as he finally gets a whiff of the inside of the trainers. This cunt gets off on real manly smells, and they have to be strong to get him going. These, formerly, white trainer socks have gone through over five workouts with me and are well scented.

I give him time to enjoy trainer before moving him to the other one. I love having a boi at my feet. It shows real submission to accept your place is at a man’s feet. Acknowledging Master’s importance over cunt’s inferiority. Sending a clear and very visual sign of positions.

With both trainers removed I pull down by trackie bottoms and pull the boi’s face back into my jock.

His tongue immediately slips into my jock and I enjoy the feeling of him licking my sweaty balls. He breathes through his nose, tasting and smelling me. It’s not long till my cock is out and he happily sucks away. Looking up at me, trying to keep eye contact. I give him a slap and he doubles his efforts to please.

I give his ass a spanking. The cunt thanks after each slap, as he has been trained to. I tell him to remove his socks and kneel in the shower. Following him through I stand before him, spit on him, and start my piss.

The yellow stream of liquid hits his chests and soon he is soaked in my liquid. Marked as my property. I move the stream over his head and it runs over him. He opens his mouth for a drink.

When the stream finally stops he kneels up and open his mouth, ready for me to shake off my cock in his gob.

Leaving him to sort himself out I lie on the bed and check out Grindr in this new area. It doesn’t take long for a 28 year old to message. The conversation is brief. He’s clearly horny and needs cock.

Boi: Hi – how’s u

Me: Good thanks. You?

Boi: Yeah fine thanks .. What u up to

Me: Good. Just using a sub

Boi: ??Sub

Me: Boi to boss about

Boi: u up for fun !! ??

Me: What turns you on?

Boi: I like a dom guy when I’m fucked and slapping my ass with a cock

Me: Where are you boi? >Location Sent<

Boi: How about you?

Me: I like a cunt that does as its told.

Boi: I’ll be your cunt!! So you got someone there? Can I join?

Me: Yes. The sub’s house

Boi: Can I come over??

Me: Age/Height?

Boi: 28 5″6

Me: I like a fag stripped to its white socks and ready to be slapped.

Boi: OK cool I’ll be about 15min that ok?

Me: >mobile number swapped<

I know the cunt won’t mind me using his place for a threesome. He’s there to keep me happy whatever way he can.

The cunt returns and I tell him there’s a boi on the way for a fucking.

“Yes Boss.”

He then gets back to sucking my cock.

The boi isn’t long and I send the cunt to let him in. Once the boi arrives I strip him naked. I decide his socks can be removed as they are cartoon ones. He is a good looking lad with a good body. Black hair and trimmed chest hair.

Some subs I kiss, others I don’t. There’s no logical to my decision, just what I want to do. I’ve never kissed cunt but the boi I start to kiss. Cunt get on his kneels and enjoys having to two cocks to suck on. Soon I’m sat on the bed and I push the boi down to my cock. It’s great to watch the two of them playing with my cock and sharing it. Swapping between the head, shaft and balls. The pair of them look so happy down there.

Soon cunt moves to my feet and the boi comes back for more kissing. He clearly needs fucking. I tell the cunt to go for a cigarette. Pushing the boi onto his back his legs immediately go up and I get a look at his hairy hole. He tells me he’s usually top but sometimes enjoys a Dom fucking him. Sounds ideal to me. Explaining he likes to be opened up by sitting on a cock I sit back and roll on a condom. He moves so he is astride me and then slides slowly down on me.

I lie back and enjoy the boi bouncing on me and he is now clearly use to my cock in him. I push him onto his back and then start giving him a good hard fucking. I slap his face and he looks a little surprised. So I tell him to open his mouth and I spit in him. He says ‘Thanks Boss’, clearly something he has heard cunt say. It’s good to see a sub develop.

Turning him over I give him a fucking doggie style and slap his ass as I ride him. He is clearly loving the physical interaction of a Dom and boi. The cunt comes back and I feel him rubbing his face in my smelly white socks as I fuck boi. He’s a noisy fuck and with all the oral beforehand I can feel I’m about to cum.

It feels great to cum whilst fucking and having my socks sniff. The cunt removes the condom and then eats the contents. The three of us lie on the bed talking and hands moving over each other’s bodies.

After talking for ages the cunt stands up and says he has a gift for me. Out of the wardrobe he pulls out a Y-Harness, black leather with metal rings. I stand next to the bed and the two of them dress me in it. I feel like a medieval king being dressed for battle by his servants. We then climb back on the bed: Let Battle Commence!

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