Finding: Through Friends


Years ago I was at a friend’s birthday in a bar in Soho. I hadn’t mentioned to these friends about my kinky side, and there were plenty of people there I didn’t know at all. As a joke one of my friends picked up a flyer from the pile of gay magazines and gave it to me. As he did he said this is something I would love. I looked down and the flyer was advertising a gay bondage night. I made a jokey comment about how I would go and pocketed the flyer.

Later in the evening I was talking to a lad I had not met before and he soon began to make some rude kinky comments. Then said he had always wanted to be tied up and be at the mercy of a man. Of course couldn’t believe my luck and took him home. We met up quite a few times and explored his kinky side. At the time though I didn’t realise the lad had seen me take the flyer and thought everyone knew I was a kinky fucker. The only reason he had been so forward was because of my friend’s joke.

So let this be a clear message that you never know who is listening, and there maybe a kinky boi in need of use very close.

Along a similar line I have also had subs pass my details to their sub friends. It’s always nice to get this sort of recommendation from lads I have used.

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