Winter Gym

Working Out

I find the whole gym experience very horny, and in the winter it just gets even hornier. It is the one place you can go and see guys in shorts and tee-shirt all year round. Showing off their socks and their trainers. Most guys who go the gym care about their experience and so try to dress well for their workout. Some even do their hair!

I look around from the running machine and there is a feast of manly sights to catch my eyes. In front of me a young guy has just arrived at the bikes. He wears a red top, black shorts, white socks and white trainers. He bends down to adjust the peddle straps and I see the top of his white pants. As he bends over the material of his shorts stretches tight over his ass. He has a great looking bum. I continue to think about it as he starts his cycle. Think about his ass getting nice and sweaty.

Near the bikes is a weights station which allows people to do various lifting and pull-ups. Two black guys are working out there. One of them is very well built and clearly a regular gym goer. He wears a baggy grey vest with very low cut on the sides, making it easy to see his defined chest. The other guy is clearly his mate and only just started. Even his outfit screams I’m new here and just thrown this on. The newbie is clearly a little in awe of his bigger mate. He almost takes on a submissive role as he obeys the more muscular man. The dominate feels his mates arms and tells him where he needs to work out more. He is clearly enjoying bossing the other guy about.

As I leave the running machine I walk by the weight machines where people sit down to workout. A man leans forward reaching for his water as I go by. He wears a low-cut V-neck tee-shirt and it falls forward as he moves. I look down and my eyes are drawn into his tee-shirt. Hair covers his chest and I fall into the gap between his pecs. I imagine feeling his hairs on me as a fall through them heading downwards towards his groin. I’m surrounded by his manly smell and slide on his sweat. I snap out of my dream and walk on.

Sitting on one of the machines I watch as a cute lad arrives. He is covered from head to toe and clearly has been feeling the cold. He still has his hat, scarf and gloves on.

A personal trainer comes and stands at the next machine and explains to his client how to use it. He has a Turkish look about him, with a black beard. I look down but he wears long trackies bottoms. He stands so close though that I can look down into his sexy black Nikes and see his black socks. I always like to know what colour socks a guy is in, even on the tube I look out for flashes of socks.

The cute lad who arrived in his winter outfit now walks out onto the main gym area to warm up. Gone are all the layers and he now wears the full Real Madrid white kit. I’m all for lads working out in football gear! He even has the socks fully pulled up like he’s ready to play. He lies on one of the mats and starts stretching. The bulge in his shorts is clear for all to see, well, all the people staring at him. He shows of how flexible he is and does moves that would be amazing in the bedroom. As I stare at the lad the music from the new 50 Shades of Grey film fills the gym.

Jamie DornanThe screens throughout the gym show the semi-naked body of Jamie Dorman. A lad walks by me with his red football socks pushed down. He wears the trackie bottoms that are designed to show of the curve of a man’s cock. Two hot looking men walk across, both in black socks. I’m not sure if I’m sweating through exercise or being as horny as fuck.

I move over to the X Trainers thinking some cardio will give my blood something else to do. In front of me is the running machines and at least three fit guys. My eyes of course go to the bums and I’m back in horny heaven. One of the lad wears all black Nike tee-shirt, shorts and trainers, with white trainer socks. He is early twenties with black hair. He looks beautiful.

As they run a woman walks in front of them. I watch as all their heads move and follow her. I smile, as they prev on her, I prev on them.

My workout is over. So I head to the changing room …

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