Peg on nippleI have mentioned clamps on nipples before, but a cheaper option is the humble peg. If you are just starting your collection then pegs are an easy and cheap item, with no embarrassment factor to buying. Colourful plastics or classic wooden, it’s up to you!

Usually peg play goes hand in hand with bondage. It is always nice to have a bound boi squirming on my bed. Knowing he has to take the peg and cannot just pull it off. Peg play is an interesting one to see a boi’s pain threshold. Some lads do not even twitch when the peg is placed. Whilst others react like they have never felt so much pain.

Nipples are of course an interesting part of the male body. From the question of why we have them, to why some lads are entirely wired into theirs. (Apparently all fetuses start of female, that’s why we have them.) I had one boyfriend who I just tugged on his nipples and he would cum, he had no interest in his cock being touched.

So far I have just mentioned pegs and nipples, but there is no need to limit yourself. With a lad spreadeagled on my bed I cannot help but place some pegs on his cock and balls.

Pegs Everywhere

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