Just Friends (& A Urinal)

Just Friends & Urinal

We all have guys we have met a few times and then ended up just being friends. With this Recon Spanish boi it was his decision for us to be friends. I would have continued to have him as a sub. He was very willing and loved my scent. In fact our friendship had been spoilt by me misread in his signals and thinking he wanted to serve me again. For that reason we hadn’t spoken for months.

Then one Thursday afternoon I got a message from him saying Hi and he was heading back to Barcelona soon. We messaged for awhile and quickly rekindled our friendship. We agreed to meet on Wednesday for a drink and chat. I promised myself not to misread his signals. His touchiness was just his Spanish ways and not a signal for more.

Oddly enough I was having a quiet Friday night in, after being in the pub every night since Sunday. Early Friday evening though he messaged saying what was I up to and did I fancy a drink. Of course I couldn’t say no so we agreed to meet in a trendy bar in east London. Once in the bar I ignored how sexy he was looking and all his touches. We were friends and that was it. Any signals I thought he was sending was me misunderstanding.

After we had had the agreed two pints he said we should have another. Of course I can’t refuse a pint! After that we started to walk towards the tube. As we walked by a different bar though he said we should have another, and I agreed.

In this bar in was obvious he was the cutest guy in there and he got lots of stares. That just seemed to encourage him to be more touchy and I was loving his touch. He kept asking why I was single. I didn’t really have an answer to that.

Maybe we had had too many beers and I was taking advantage of him. It was this point that he made his kinky suggestion to me though.

“If you take my beer to the toilet and fill it with your piss I will drink it all.”

At first I said no, even though I’m not new to piss. Though at this point I decided I wasn’t misreading his signals so I got a snog off him. He was persistent though and in the end I took the plastic container off him and went to the toilet.

As fortune would have it the toilet was totally empty and I walked straight into a cubical. The glass was half full but I poured a bit away and then flopped my cock into it. It felt like I was doing a medical exam. I filled it three quarters full. Rubbed my cock around the rim and spat in it. As I carried it out it looked like a convincing beer: right colour and a head.

The boi followed my return journey closely, not returning any of the admiring glances he was receiving. As I handed his drink back he looked a little nervous. I slid my hand down the back of his pants and picked up my drink to toast.

“Here’s to being friends.”

He flashed his killer smile, tapped glasses and took a swig. I whispered some abuse and being my piss drinker and he drank more. It was horny watching him swigging back my piss as if everything was normal. Knowing this cute boi still wanted some abuse from me. Though the abuse he wanted didn’t stop there.

As we left the bar I took the plastic glass with us and threw it in a bin; just to ensure no innocents were harmed! He said he had to go home and couldn’t return to mine for more. He then said he wanted to find somewhere quiet and lick my feet.

Being Just Friends was proving quite fun after all!

Even in busy London town at midnight there are quiet places and I soon found the perfect spot. I went up a couple of steps and pulled off my shoe. The boi was immediately down and I could feel his nose and tongue worked on my sock. The sock was three days old and black and grey hoops. After a few minutes he asked for bare so I pulled the sock off and felt his tongue between my toes. It felt strange standing in the street having my foot worshipped. I coped though.

That’s where we had to leave it though. Still, it was a lot more than I expected. It did mean traveling home on the tube with only one sock on. Which felt a bit strange. When I got home though I got a message saying next time we would have a drink in a pub nearer my flat.

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