Emoticon – The New Hanky Code?

Looking through my Grindr wall on Sunday I spotted a 27 year old cute lad. As I looked at his profile I noticed he had the feet emoticon. So I decided to see if the boi liked feet …

Me: Hi. You into feet?
boi: Hi. Yes I’m into foot worshipping
Me: Cool, love a boi at my feet. Trainers, socks and bare?
boi: More pixs?
Me: Pix Sent …Pix Sent …Pix Sent
boi: I love trainers and socks, especially Nikes, Adidas and Puma shoes.
Me: Currently wearing these … Pix Sent
Me: Lick all you want. socks are clean. Love a boi in just his white socks.
boi: Do you like poppers?
Me: Not really but you can use.
Me: Do you accom or trav? … Location Sent
boi: I can’t accom.
Me: I live alone
boi: Good
Me: You prefer clean socks or worn?
boi: Clean
Me: Any other interests?
boi: Poppers and sucking
Me: Sounds ideal to me. I sit back and you put what you like in your mouth.
boi: Pixs of your cock?
Me: Pix Sent …Pix Sent …Pix Sent
boi: Thick cock!
Me: Told it’s good to swallow. You swallow?
boi: Do you want me to?
Me: Yes, you have earned your reward boi.
boi: You are very generous
Me: I want you stripped to your socks. collared if you’re kinky
boi: you can put a collar on me if you like – Doggy style
Me: Good pup
boi: I only ask you let me use my poppers. That’s all
Me: Popper away if it makes you a better slave
boi: Yes – poppers make me more submissive
Me: Good. That’s how I like a boi
Me: Location Sent
boi: I’d love to meet and serve you but I can’t now
Me: Well I live here. Usually free evening/weekends. Just beg when you need feet.
boi: We could meet Tuesday
Me: You can lick for as long as you like.
boi: I will lick as long as I have saliva in my mouth.
Me: I’ll leave a bowl of water out for you pup
boi: Are you into pissing?
Me: I’ve pissed on subs before. You open you mouth to receive?
boi: If you like you can do it in my mouth.
Me: Good boi. You sound very useful.
boi: I do my best
Me: You got white socks to wear?
boi: I’ll wear white socks on Tuesday
Me: With the collar that’s your uniform
boi: thank you so much Sir.
Me: Can attach the leash to it if needs be
boi: That’s prefect.
Me: Find on here or swap mobs?
boi: Mobile Sent
Me: Texts or whatsapp? Name?
boi: As you prefer Sir. My name is slave or bitch boi.
Me: You are a kinky fucker. I like that in a fag.
boi: Thank you Sir.

In the end the sub turned up on the Monday night and served me very well. The boi was a lover of feet and I think would have spent the night down there. In the end the session was about two hours, and it is already begging to come.

Looks like the foot emoticon served us well.

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