Sub Wants

So far 2015 has been a great year, I just don’t have time to write up the meets! The sub from my Christmas Socks post has been begging to come back so I decided to give it another slap. As most of my mates are still away for Christmas and NYEve I had a free Saturday evening to use a sub on.

Sometimes I get asked if I consider what the sub is into. As the Dom I of course control the meets and decide how the sub is going to be used. However I do enjoy hearing from the sub what it enjoys in our pre-meet chats. Some Doms are not interested in sub-wants, but I view them as very interesting. I gain an insight into its small brain and can tailor a meet more. Plus I like to try new things and see how they go. If I didn’t get ideas off subs all my meets would be identical. Plus I wouldn’t have found out what I enjoy. Therefore my rule is a sub can list all its sexual likes before a meet and I will incorporate them if I want. During a meet though, sub does as its told.

As I chatted to the sub it revealed that it had a pair of knickers. I wasn’t too surprised as it had said a few times in our meet that it wanted to be my girl. Girl’s clothing does nothing for me and I wouldn’t want it to be a main part of a meet. The sub suggested it arrived, stripped to socks and knickers for me to laugh at. I decided to allow it, the sub also wanted to gift me with Nikes and socks. I’m never one to turn down tributes from a sub.

The sub arrived and I ordered it to strip to socks and knickers. The sub is slightly taller than me with thick black hair, a beard and hairy chest. Definitely not the kind of person who should be wearing lacy blue knickers. I hold him against the wall and inspect him, laughing at him tenting the knickers.

“What kind of man wears knickers? You’re not a man you’re a sub cunt who only purpose is to serve real men.”

With the collar on I drag him to a full length mirror and make him look at himself as I give his ass a slap. Ordering the knickers off I get the sub to kneel. I give its face a slap and tell him this is the underwear of men. Lowering my trackies a reveal my sweaty jockstrap, before I can say anything more it is rubbing its face and thanking me for letting it serve.

Once the boi is scented from my jock I pull him onto the bed and put him on his back. With his head over the side I pull my cock out and stuff it into his willing job. As I’m fucking his face he lifts his legs up to show me his boiCunt. With some spit on my fingers I slide two into his hole. He reaches down and starts to wank but I knock his hand away. This meet I’ll stop him wanking to make him ever hornier, and teach him its not about his cock. I continue with my cock in one end and fingers in the other, but he goes back to wanking himself. I take his hand away and give his balls a tap. I laugh as his legs come together to try and protect himself.

Putting the sub on its knees at the end of the bed I now make it repeat back some verbal as I slap its face. Climbing onto the bed I then order my trainers cleaned, followed my my socks. The socks are a couple of days old so not too smelly, they are gray and black stripes. The sub takes delight at being at its Master’s feet, as is only correct.

I order the sub on the bed and to sit astride of me facing away.As commanded it then bends over, removes my socks and starts licking my bare feet. In this position I have a great view of his boiCunt. With a bit of lube on my finger a start to slowly rub the outside of its boiCunt. Changing speeds and directs I can hear the little bitch making the most delighted noises, and from this position I can make sure its cock remains untouched. After quite awhile of this it unconsciously begins to shake its ass, a sure sign the boi needs fucking.

I tell the boi to stay where it is and pull myself from under it. This means I’m kneeling behind it with its hole ready. I slap my hard cock on its ass whilst I sort out a condom. I then slide into his boiCunt. It feels nice and tight and I see its back arch as I go in, this boi really needs cock. So I start to fuck it and remind it what its ass is for. I continue to fuck it as I push it down and then with it on its back, filling its mouth with spit.

Nikes & SocksAfter fucking it for awhile I decide I want a break so I pull on the socks and Nikes it has brought for me. They look good and I tell the boi to make sure they are nice and clean. It returns to my feet with relish. It’s horny to lay back and watch the boi at work. As it works the sub keeps looking up and trying to keep eye contact with me. I always like to see a boi doing this, seeing if its Master is happy and it is doing well. I give a ‘Good Boi’ to encourage it. It has been awhile since it last tried to wank and I am please to see its small floppy cock being ignored.

I call the sub up and say my arm pits need a clean. Putting my hands behind my head I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of it rubbing its face in my sweaty pits. After both has been done it looks at my with a hunger in its eyes. It looks cute collared and in white socks, on all fours on my bed. I roll over and it head straight down to give my ass a rimming.

Some subs lick ass, this one wants to scent itself. I feel its hair rubbing against my hole as it tries to cover itself. Like last time I allow the sub a lot of time down there. It seems so happy. As the meet is coming to an end though I dragged it up using the collar and tell it suck till its swallowing cum.

As ever I enjoyed the feeling of releasing my cum into its willing mouth.

So to answer the question, yes I do consider what my subs are into, but once a meet is happening they are all mine to use and abuse.

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