Foot Worship

As you know I have a hard spot for a boi stripped to his socks and collared. Further more I love to have a boi at my feet. Foot worship is a major feature in most sessions for me. Foot worship means kissing, licking and sniffing trainers, socks and bare feet. Though I do talk with a sub before to see how horny the idea makes them. Plus some subs prefer clean and others well worn.

Kissing White SocksA sub should be very happy at its Master’s feet. This is the position a sub should feel most at home. Being at another’s feet has a whole history to it. Even Jesus’ washed his disciples to prove a point. There are plenty of other examples of foot kissing being used to show submission. I like this definition: A foot kiss leaves no shread of doubt about the utterly unequal protocollary pecking order.

Having a sub at my feet is a very horny experience. Watching their tongue licking my trainers and then seeing them get off on burying their face in them. Then feeling their breath between my toes as they start worshipping my socks. Licking from toe to heel. Finally peeling off my socks so they can taste my bare skin.

Worship socksHaving a boi at my feet is a true sign of their submission. Some start on clean socks but their soon admit they need my scent to truly get horny. I love seeing a boi getting off on my smell and accepting its place in my life.

I also smile to myself when friends in the pub discuss how much feet disgust them. It’s a great feeling knowing how many subs I’ve had worship at my feet. No doubt in the sub’s pub discussions they pretend to be disgusted too, but in their head they remember licking between my socks.

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