Most subs get turned on by accepting a man’s spit. At first they are a little shy and say not in the mouth, but they soon accept the gift a Master is offering them. After all, kissing is sharing spit too.

SpitUsually before I piss I have a spit. So as I moved on to pissing on subs it seemed natural to spit beforehand. Some subs took it on the side of their face, others opened their mouth to receive spit and then piss. Seeing a boi with his mouth open and waiting is a horny sight.

I have a Brazilian boi who adores spit. As I fuck him on his back he opens his mouth as a sign that he needs spit. It just gets him so horny.

I use another sub who jumps up to get the long drool of spit off my tongue and ensure he misses none. Other subs wait for the treat to slowly drip down to them.

I guess subs just love doing things other people find gross.

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