Finding: Recon


Recon is the website for fetish men. Its tag line is: For Men into Fetish. Not only does it run an excellent site, and app, but it also organises many events. Basically, if you into kink you need to be on this site. The look of the site is really smart and the message system is smooth. Unlike many gay sites their app is also an amazing tool and only adds to their professionalism.

Having bigged it up so much I of course have a ‘but’ … but I find it difficult to find guys on there. Grindr relies on proximity and gaydar’s site has Chat Rooms. Recon allows you to choose Primary Interest, but that is all. I put my interest as Master & Slave. That’s such a big group though! Maybe if there was the option to pick 3 Secondary Interests it would be easy to find guys after the same things. There are search options, but the useful searches are for paid accounts only. Which is fair enough, but I really cannot be bothered to scroll through pages and pages of guys I have no interest in. Maybe outside of London this is not such an issue.

Therefore I usually just log-on and return to the site occasionally to see if some sub had managed to find me. Maybe a forum or advice blog would encourage me to spend longer looking at the site. As it is though I see it as a fishing site, I cast my hook and then find something else to do.

Having said that some very willing subs have managed to find me on there. For awhile I had a Polish cleaner who use to love cleaning and then sucking on my cock for payment. Also a very sexy Spanish lad messaged me once saying he wanted my sweat feet in his face. He arrived quickly and was soon stripped to his socks and licking between me toes. So Recon is definitely a site you should be on.

Update: In 2016 Recon added a new home page which is a newsfeed. They are using this to highlight members, give you men in your areas you might like and to promote their blogs and events. The feed is a definite improvement and makes you feel more of a community member. So a thumbs up from me.

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