Sometimes even a Dom top just wants a good old fashion blow job. So this morning as I was stretching in bed I was pleased to receive a Grindr message from a 20 year old twink who just wanted to suck cock. He was a good looking lad with dark brown hair and a great body. I feel it is important to encourage young people, so I agreed to go over to his and let him have his pleasure.

The lad was only 1 tube stop away so I set off to get my cock sorted out and balls emptied. When I got to his he had left his front door off the latch, and his flat door was open. I walked into his bedroom and he was lying on his bed. His hand was in his black CKs and he was lying on his bed. I told him to get on his knees and he started rubbing his face on the front of my trackies. He was clearly keen to get inside them. I lowered my trackies and he started licking and sucking my cock through my black boxers. The boi clearly knew what he wanted. I pulled down my boxers and as my cock came out the boi immediately got it into his mouth. He was a hungry cocksucker. I loved the way he kept looking up at me, eye contact with a sucker is a horny thing. I brushed my hands through his hair and he groaned away.

I let him work away as he seemed so happy down there. After awhile I held his head and gave his mouth a fucking, he loved it.

He then stood up and said he wanted to lie on his bed, as he spoke he pulled off his CKs. With him lying down I knelt over his chest and started to fuck his face again. I told him I was going to cum and he made it clear he wanted it over his face and in his mouth. My first load hit his eyebrow and the rest of the loads went into his mouth. He had a big smile and kept wanking away. I rubbed his nipples and he quickly covered his chest with his white stuff.

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