Leicester Tiger

The Feet/Sock chat room on gaydar.co.uk can be a quiet place, so you do end up chatting to people around the country. There was a lad in there from Leicester who seemed very horny for socks and so we started to chat. In fact we moved over to MSN and use to chat for hours. He was always on heat during Wimbledon, staring at their white socks and trainers.

After chatting for so long it only seemed right that we should meet, and so I booked a hotel and travelled up to Leicester to see my boi. It was his first proper DOM/sub meet so he was quite nervous. We met in a bar near the station and he looked as horny as he did on cam. Shorter and thinner than me with thick brown hair and in his mid-twenties. During the first drink it became clear that he needed this and he was going to get his brains fucked out of his head. As well as the scent of my feet up his nose. I got in a few more drinks though, just to tease him and make him wait.

We went back to the hotel, just one of the budget ones near the train station. This was one of my early meets so I did not even have a collar for him. He was ordered to strip down to his black socks and let me inspect him. His large raging hard-on seemed out of place on such a thin boi, but it showed how much he was loving it. I ran my hands all over him, stood behind him and told him he was my bitch now. He was pushed to the floor and immediately started to lick my blue and white Nikes. He had seen these trainers so often on cam and now he was over the moon to finally taste them.

I had already ran some rope under the mattress so the boi could easily be tied spread-eagle to the bed. I pulled him up from the floor and then pushed him down on to the bed. Facing upwards I bound him so he was all mine to play with as I saw fit. I immediately started to play with his nipples and give his ball-sack a tug. I then pulled off a Nike and held it over his face. I watched as his chest moved up and down and he desperately tried to get as much of my scent as he could. I one point I dropped my Nike. The boi immediately followed the Nike and strained at the ropes to get back to my Nike. I removed my black socks and put them on the boi’s face, he groaned in sheer happiness. It was horny to watch my boi getting such pleasure from my scent.

After he had worshipped my socks for awhile I undid the ropes and turned him over. Once a pillow had been placed under his stomach I tied the boi back now. It was horny to look at his firm, hairless, white ass sticking up in the air. After I had placed my footwear near his face I spread his ass cheeks and had my first proper look at his boiCunt. The boi had already said it had been awhile since he had been fucked, and when I saw his hole I had to give it a rimming. By then he had buried his face in my Nikes and I could hear content noises coming from him as my tongue worked. I began to lick his crack above his hole and then his back, slowly making my way up to the back of his neck. I whispered into his ear that he was my boi as my cock slid into his hole. He gasped as he felt me inside him for the first time and then begged for me to go deeper. I needed no encourage from him. His ass was there for me and I fucked in hard and deep. Holding his face in my sweaty Nike so he was encapsulated by me. I fucked his tight little hole till I shot my cum.

Of course after a rest I continued to use him, after all I had paid for the hotel for the whole night. It was not the last time I used him either. One weekend he came down to London to be a slave for the weekend, but that will be another post.

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