I had never really been into watersports. The idea of pissing on a sub had never really turned me on. However I have a regular sub and he had been instructed to have beer available for me. In the middle of the session he asked if I needed to piss, and if I did, would I do it on him. As he had been buying the beer it seemed like a good way to recycle, so I agreed. Since then I have left many subs drenched in piss, or with piss down their throats.

I used one inferior near Baker Street and he wanted to spend the entire meet sat in the bath. He wanted more to be drenched, but most subs open their mouth at some point. As I left him wanking away like a caged monkey, covered in piss, spit, sweat and cum. He of course invited me back. I have mentioned pup in my previous blog, Double Header, and he loves piss. He is very well trained. I just put my cock in his gob and piss, he drinks it all down without spilling a drop.

There is definitely something very horny about having a boi kneeling in front you with his mouth open, his eyes looking up at you as a stream of piss heads towards him. A boi should be happy to accept whatever comes from a man’s cock.

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