Man Sweat

Inferiors need to be near a man, it is their nature and they will seek out dominate men. One way they feel closest to a man is by smell. Just the whiff of a man’s odour can drive them wild. This is one reason a sub is happy at its Master’s feet. Just being down there surrounds them with smells that make them feel horny and happy. I have met inferiors who just want feet. They are so happy to bury their face in a trainer or slide their tongue between a man’s toes.

It is through my enjoyment of having my feet worshipped that I have met many straight subs. They find women can never satisfy their olfaction needs. I usually have a sub in just socks and collar, but I have allowed some straight subs to remain more dressed. The idea that I have a straight sub is quite a turn on in itself.

Of course, it is not just feet that sub craze. A lot of subs get off on underwear, others love nothing more than to nuzzle sweaty arm pits and some love ass. With this in mind I have taken to wearing the same socks and jock at the gay. As I work-out it is horny to know I’ll be pushing some sub into my sweaty clothes.

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