Double Header

The first boi was waiting at the top of the road, as instructed. We were just down the road from Earls Court station. It was the first time we had met. He was a good looking German boi, tall and thin. He identified himself as a pup, and I planned to collar him as soon as possible. We talked about nothing particular as we walked down the side street. He was dressed in sports clothing and I assumed he had white socks on within his Nike trainers.
We walked up the few steps to the front door. I had been here before, but pup had not. The sub who was hosting appeared behind us, he had been sunbathing in the green in the middle of the square. The sub was older than pup and had more of a defined body. I had met him at least twice before. I knew he knew his place. In our second meet I had watched football and drank his beer. He spent the first half at my feet and half time being fucked.Once in sub’s flat I made each of them undress the other, it’s always best to get inferiors out of their clothes as quickly as possible. They both stood before me in just their socks and I ran my hands over their bodies and inspected them. I ordered pup on his knees and collared him, he seemed a lot happier with the leather around his neck. I then ordered him to suck on the sub’s cock. As neither of the cunts had seen each other it was horny to know even if they didn’t fancy each other they still had to service as ordered. They then swapped positions so both had tasted the other. I sat on the sofa watching my own little sex show.With a click of my fingers the bitches moved onto all fours and began to kiss my trainers. I find inferiors are always happiest at feet. Even if they say they are not into them. They soon realise that it is their natural position. Once my Nikes were clean I told them to remove them and give them a sniff. Sweaty trainers are better than poppers to these boys. As they sniff Nikes I remove my jeans and order them to start worshipping my socks.
As I want pup to realise he is lower than sub I gave sub the honour of sucking my cock first. Pup thinks he is to remain at my feet, I soon correct him. With sub on all fours I order pup to rim sub’s ass. Pup takes to this new tongue treat with great vigour. It’s horny to watch his face sticking out between sub’s butt cheeks.
I do like a good sucking so I move pup up to my cock and have them both orally playing with my thick cock. It’s good to watch them both trying to get in the best position for sucking my cock. I keep them at it for awhile, any inferior loves to have a man inside their gob.
One of the reasons for having the session at sub’s flat was one of his toys. He owns a long double headed dildo. I have put toys in lads before, but never at the same time. So I position the cunts on all fours with their asses with their asses in position to receive the treat. Firstly I lube and finger both of their holes. I place my trainers and socks in front of them, so they can smell me as they get used. I slide one end of the dildo into sub, and then the other into pup. They both take to having their rings stretched very well, and automatically start rocking backwards and forwards. It is horny to watch the cunts fuck themselves.
Watching the cunts double fuck got me horny, so I replaced the dildo with my cock for the sub. Whilst doing him pup was order to sniff our socks. Sub always took cock well and it was great to finally be sliding in and out of its hole. I then told pup to get in position and I gave that a hole ago. After awhile I told sub to fuck pup. It was horny to watch my two cunts putting on a private fucking for me.
To end with pup was ordered to lie on his back. Both sub and I then wanked until we covered his chest in cum, pup was then allowed to cum on himself. Both cunts proved themselves to be very horny lads and obedient.

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