Turkish Delight

Anyone who has Google Imaged Turkish Wrestling will be in no doubt about how much Turkish men love touching other men.

Turkish Wrestling

My area of London is famous for its Turkish community. This has many advantages, not least great Kebab shops! A quick look at Grindr also shows the high number of Turks. Mostly though they have photos of their bodies and talk about how top and masculine they are. They also ask for discreet meets and can rarely accom.

Despite them all being tops I get a high number of messages asking if I want to meet them. When I mention we are both top they seem happy enough to switch positions. One lad I was chatting to for a while kept on going on about how manly he was. Kept asking if I would turn bottom when I saw how manly he was. I reassured him I wouldn’t. He had no kinky interest, but agreed to wear just his socks for me. As we were sorting out the meet he told me that he didn’t want to touch my cock with his hands, nor would he suck me. I wasn’t to touch his cock either. It was all about his ass. From his photos he had a nice ass so I agreed to his plan.

When we met he immediately stripped and stood waiting in his socks. He certainly had a great looking body and spent lots of time working out. He was in his late twenties and had light brown skin. He cock was already getting hard and he was flexing his pecs.

Following his example I stripped down to my socks. His eyes immediately focused on my hardening thick cock. He turned around and showed me his ass. He was looking over his shoulder, I could see his smile. Bending over he began to shake his ass and then rub it against my cock. Clearly desperate to have me in his hole.

Holding his neck I pushed him down so he was kneeling in front of his low bed. I then pushed his head down on to the bed, pushing his ass up. He groaned in pleasure as he clearly loved being pushed about. The boi had already lubed so I put a condom on and slid into his waiting hole. His ring felt great as it gripped my cock and he was a very vocal fuck.

I watched as I slid in and out of him, loving seeing my cock penetrate his sexy ass. He moved away from me and went over to a high stool over in the corner of the room. He bent over the stool and ask me to fuck him there. He still had a big smile.

I went over and slide into his hole and watched myself fuck him. After awhile I looked up and I realised the stool was in front of a full length mirror. He was getting off on watching me fuck him. I gave his ass a slap as a pounded it, all lads love a slap. I pounded him hard and he was loving it. It was horny looking up from his ass to see the delight in his face. This lad clearly loved the feel of a man inside him. It was a delight to finally cum.

He took the condom off me and asked if he could kneel and look at my cock whilst he spunked. I of course let him. Once he had cum over his chest I started to get dressed, and he started to talk about how masculine he was.

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